Psychogeographic journey's through menstruation

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inside:OUT Manifesto


Openly discuss and explore menstruation,


Resist capitalist tactics of shame.


Create radical social change


Sabotage and re-appropriate landscapes through menstrual activism


Drift inwards, bleed outwards



The Red City- International Congress of Psychogeography 2017

By aimeebee, Sep 12 2017 11:33AM

Period talk is rare. It is confined to private spaces. It is a taboo reinforced through capitalism. On Sunday, a group of 15 people, walked cyclically through Huddersfield, delving within and connecting to emotions: exposing micro-landscapes of shame, fear, crisis and taboos. They took Polaroid photographs of barriers, litter, water fountains, frames and discussed periods: bleeding out in the open. What became apparent is: people don't have a language to talk about periods. The period taboo underpins all of the problems that we face in terms of tampon tax and period poverty more widely. The reason these issues aren't tackled is because we feel as though we cannot talk about them. We can’t fix what we cannot see publicly. So, let’s get period talk out into our streets, on our social media feeds. The more we talk, the more effectively we can tackle the issues we face; the issues that have affected people for so many generations in silence. #justsayperiods

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